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Imagine if Clemens just Apologized !!!


The AP is reporting that Brian McNamee’s defense attorneys might call on Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera to testify about their former New York Yankees teammate Roger Clemens.

Imagine if Clemens just fessed up and apologized like everyone else in the game not named Bonds or Palmeiro!! 

This whole mess would be behind him, he would be preparing his HOF speech and he probably would be the St. Louis Cardinals’ pitching coach by now !

It is a real mix of both sympathy and disdain !



nomar si.jpg

Nomar Garciaparra retired on March 10, 2010.

He had an amazing career and, in his prime, it was argued that he was as good or better than AROD and Jeter.

Something happened after he bulked up for this SI cover in 2001.

He got injured and he got injured a lot !

Just like his contemporaries, Mo Vaughan, Todd Hundley, John Rocker, Eric Gagne, Juan Gonzalez, Troy Glaus and David Segui who surprisingly and rapidly all lost their skills in the face of ligament injuries and muscular-skeletal damage – he has no idea what might have caused the change in his career and health trajectory !!!



New York Met doctors have bowed to public pressure and have revealed to true cause of all-star SS Jose Reyes’ problems.
The disappointing 2010 American Idol season and the rambling and condescending monologues of judge Kara Dioguardi are driving him crazy.
“At least with Paula he knew what he was getting”, explained the team doctor, “Kara is all over the place from week to week and trying to do too much. Jose finds it self-indulgent and unwatchable. Its adversely impacting his health”.
The Simon-Ellen tension is also having a negative impact. “They should leave it off the field”, explains Reyes’ trainer, “Jose and Carlos don’t see eye-to-eye but they don’t let it affect their play.”
Jose is a long-time Idol follower and active member of the Kellie Pickler fan club. He just can’t stand to see the direction the show is taking.  It has impacted his health and affected his ability to run.



According to the Minnesota Twins, OF Denard Span has signed a five-year, $16.5 million contract with a $9 million team option for 2015.

Span thanked the Twins and his family and acknowledged the past salary inroads made by Juan Pierre, Alex Rios and  Aaron Rowand as contributing factors in making his deal.

Ichiro Refuses to Take Milton Bradley’s Crap


What is being seen by teammates as a preemptive strike, Ichiro Suzuki has warned Milton Bradley that he better show up and play and advised that no one is going to take Bradley’s crap.

Ichiro made it clear to Bradley that he is the “franchise” and that it has alway been his way or your gone.
Ichiro pointed to the long list of managerial departures during his tenure (Lou Piniella, Bob Melvin, Mike Hargrove, John McLaren, Jim Riggleman  and Bill Bavasi) as strong evidence of his good standing. 
Ichiro even indicated that he told Kenji Johjima, the best man at his wedding, that he should stop dragging down the team and go back to Japan. Naturally, Johjima obeyed.

RUMOURS: Wells to bump Zito ? Santa to sign Ricciardi ?


Vernon Wells will receive a huge salary bump this year as part of his 7-year $126 million salary extension granted by former Blue Jay GM J.P. Ricciardi.

If the season unfolds as expected, Vernon Wells should easily take Barry Zito’s title as the major league’s most overpaid player.
Wells expects a combination of injuries, effort and supporting cast will enable him to achieve this milestone.

In a related story, Santa Claus is rumored to be offering Ricciardi a position on his Christmas Board of Directors.
Santa was attracted to J.P.’s gift giving ability and has glowing references from former players Frank Thomas, Corey Koskie and BJ Ryan who, for the purposes of disclosure, all confirm they are still being paid. 
Reflecting fondly on his time with the Cardinals and the emergence of Chris Carpenter, Walt Jocketty is also expected to file a recommendation.