John Smoltz recently joined TBS as a regular season and playoff baseball analyst.
According to reports, Smoltz has always seen himself as a TV personality and has long had aspirations to get in front of the camera.
“His in-game commentary used to drive Maddux and Glavine crazy”, revealed a former clubhouse attendant.”They had him kicked-out of the dugout and moved to the bullpen – why do you think he didn’t return to starting until after they were both gone.”
Apparently Smoltz would also torment Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone by ‘cutting to commercial’ whenever they came out to the mound.
Smoltz is excited about the opportunity and hopes to bring a “Ryan Seacrest flavor” to the broadcasts.

Josh Hamilton: Injuries Are Part of the Game

Despite best efforts, Josh Hamilton’s injuries will not keep him out of the Texas line-up.

The Fort-Worth Star Telegarm is reporting that x-rays on Hamilton’s left hand came back negative.  Hamilton suffered a contusion on the outside of  his left hand after being hit with a Madison Bumgarner fastball on Monday.

Earlier in the spring, Hamilton injured his shoulder while diving for a ball.

Last year, Hamilton suffered back, glute and nerve injuries.

Texas expects Hamilton back in the lineup on Wednesday.  He will miss Tuesday’s game due to additional dental work required after a February root canal.

In an unrelated story, ESPN reports that Hamilton’s fantasy mock-draft value has dropped for four consecutive weeks.


The Washington Nationals have confirmed that prospect Stephen Strasburg will start the 2010 season in the minors.
The Washington Nationals have not confirmed that Strasburg is better than the balance of their entire pitching depth chart: 

1 John Lannan (L)
2 Jason Marquis (R)
3 Scott Olsen (L)
4 Ross Detwiler (L)
5 Craig Stammen (R)
5 Livan Hernandez (R)
6 Chien-Ming Wang (R)
7 J.D. Martin (R)
8 Garrett Mock (R)
9 Matt Chico (L)

The Nationals have also not confirmed that this was a strategic move to delay free agency.

Jake Fox is ICE cold


We had such high hopes for Jake Fox.

After a 1 for 19 start to the spring, he may have blown his chance to stick with Oakland A’s.

Fortunately for the A’s, they still have a dozen players on their roster that profile exactly the same as Fox.

Daric Barton, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Jack Cust, Travis Buck, Dallas MacPherson, Eric Chavez and Gabe Gross will especially miss Fox’s enthusiasm in the clubhouse. 


Imagine if Clemens just Apologized !!!


The AP is reporting that Brian McNamee’s defense attorneys might call on Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera to testify about their former New York Yankees teammate Roger Clemens.

Imagine if Clemens just fessed up and apologized like everyone else in the game not named Bonds or Palmeiro!! 

This whole mess would be behind him, he would be preparing his HOF speech and he probably would be the St. Louis Cardinals’ pitching coach by now !

It is a real mix of both sympathy and disdain !