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Arod Hitting off A Tee

Tiger woods2.jpgAccording to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, Alex Rodriguez (hip surgery) has begun to hit off a tee.

The Yankees, however, are not thrilled that the tee is in Dubai and that Arod has been hitting golf balls instead of baseballs.

There had been rumblings that Arod used his “hip injury” to get away from the media scrutiny and negative attention resulting from his admission of steroid use.

It now appears that to get out of the spotlight, Arod jetted off to Dubai and checked into a 7-star resort under the name Tiger Voods. He was accompanied by a female cousin.

Is it me or does Arod think we are all stupid?


Arod May be Back Soon

Alex Rodriguez.jpgInsiders are reporting that Alex Rodriguez (3B-NYY) is way ahead of schedule in his recovery from hip surgery and that he may be back before the end of April.

Arod has been extremely focused in rehab and feels he owes a speedy return to the Yankee fans and to all those dynasty fantasy leaguers who held their drafts in late February.

Not everyone is happy about this news however, as members of the Yankee training, medical and pharmaceutical staff are tired of pretending to be Arod’s dopey cousins.