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John Smoltz recently joined TBS as a regular season and playoff baseball analyst.
According to reports, Smoltz has always seen himself as a TV personality and has long had aspirations to get in front of the camera.
“His in-game commentary used to drive Maddux and Glavine crazy”, revealed a former clubhouse attendant.”They had him kicked-out of the dugout and moved to the bullpen – why do you think he didn’t return to starting until after they were both gone.”
Apparently Smoltz would also torment Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone by ‘cutting to commercial’ whenever they came out to the mound.
Smoltz is excited about the opportunity and hopes to bring a “Ryan Seacrest flavor” to the broadcasts.



New York Met doctors have bowed to public pressure and have revealed to true cause of all-star SS Jose Reyes’ problems.
The disappointing 2010 American Idol season and the rambling and condescending monologues of judge Kara Dioguardi are driving him crazy.
“At least with Paula he knew what he was getting”, explained the team doctor, “Kara is all over the place from week to week and trying to do too much. Jose finds it self-indulgent and unwatchable. Its adversely impacting his health”.
The Simon-Ellen tension is also having a negative impact. “They should leave it off the field”, explains Reyes’ trainer, “Jose and Carlos don’t see eye-to-eye but they don’t let it affect their play.”
Jose is a long-time Idol follower and active member of the Kellie Pickler fan club. He just can’t stand to see the direction the show is taking.  It has impacted his health and affected his ability to run.

The Numbing of America

megan corkery.jpgMSNBC’s website is leading with a story today asking “Has America Become Numb to Tragedy?”   It is actually a very thought provoking piece about how the frequency and consistency of negative and mindless news has dulled our abilitiy to be suprised or even sympathetic when presented with circumstances in which people are hurt, injured or worse.

In an unrelated story Troy Glaus, Mark Prior, Joel Zumaya, and Dimitri Young were seen lunching in a Florida bistro on Saturday discussing their sping plans.

Glaus confirmed that if they are all still on the DL in late May, “Dimitri is going to get us tickets for the finale of Idol.”

When pressed, Prior confirmed he was a bit disappointed that Megan Corkery was voted out last week. “She couldn’t really sing”, he admitted, “but she still kind of did it for me”.

Zumaya wasn’t even an Idol fan till he made it to the big leagues, “Mark and I haven’t played baseball the last three springs”, he said defensively, “and you can only watch so much ESPN. American Idol is a godsend!”