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Imagine if Clemens just Apologized !!!


The AP is reporting that Brian McNamee’s defense attorneys might call on Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera to testify about their former New York Yankees teammate Roger Clemens.

Imagine if Clemens just fessed up and apologized like everyone else in the game not named Bonds or Palmeiro!! 

This whole mess would be behind him, he would be preparing his HOF speech and he probably would be the St. Louis Cardinals’ pitching coach by now !

It is a real mix of both sympathy and disdain !




nomar si.jpg

Nomar Garciaparra retired on March 10, 2010.

He had an amazing career and, in his prime, it was argued that he was as good or better than AROD and Jeter.

Something happened after he bulked up for this SI cover in 2001.

He got injured and he got injured a lot !

Just like his contemporaries, Mo Vaughan, Todd Hundley, John Rocker, Eric Gagne, Juan Gonzalez, Troy Glaus and David Segui who surprisingly and rapidly all lost their skills in the face of ligament injuries and muscular-skeletal damage – he has no idea what might have caused the change in his career and health trajectory !!!

Miguel Tejada is Clean


Miguel Tejada is tired of answering questions about performance enhancing drugs and insists he has been clean ever since former teammate Rafael Palmeiro got caught.
He insists that the Palmeiro incident shook him up quite a bit and taught him a very important life lesson. “If you do something bad – don’t get caught”.
Tejada points to his statistics as further proof that he is off the juice. “Look at my stats – I haven’t hit with power since Raffy took the rap” 
Tejada averaged 28 homers per 162 games before the Palmeiro suspension and has averaged 18 homers per 162 games since.

Arod Hitting off A Tee

Tiger woods2.jpgAccording to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, Alex Rodriguez (hip surgery) has begun to hit off a tee.

The Yankees, however, are not thrilled that the tee is in Dubai and that Arod has been hitting golf balls instead of baseballs.

There had been rumblings that Arod used his “hip injury” to get away from the media scrutiny and negative attention resulting from his admission of steroid use.

It now appears that to get out of the spotlight, Arod jetted off to Dubai and checked into a 7-star resort under the name Tiger Voods. He was accompanied by a female cousin.

Is it me or does Arod think we are all stupid?

Jose Canseco is the Anabolic Nostradamus

MannyRamirez2.jpgJose Canseco is in the news again after conjuring his psychic juices and proclaiming to the LA Times that Manny Ramirez is likely on the list of the 104 major leaguers who tested positive in 2003.

As much as everyone dumps on Canseco, his claims have been deadly accurate. McGwire, Palmeiro, Tejada, Giambi, and to everyone’s surprise – Alex Rodriguez.

Canseco believes that prolonged steroid use has contributed to his magical soothsaying ability and is planning a third tell-all book identifying which players will turn to steroids in the future. He also claims to have called the Devil Rays’ 2008 World Series appearance and seriously considered requests to inject John Thain in his renovated washroom prior to the collapse of Merril Lynch.  

Manny Ramirez refused to comment on the reports and claimed that he didn’t even know who Jose Canseco was.