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Aroldis Chapman is making a stong case to stick with the Cincinnati Reds this spring.

Chapman struck out 5 Brewers in three innings on Wednesday an now has 10 Ks in 7 spring innings.

The 22-yearold phenom’s fastball has been clocked as high as 102 MPH!!

This guy could actually be better than the next Jose Contreras or Rene Arocha.

Jason Heyward is the KING of March Madness


Thumbnail image for heyward.jpgWith all the hype surrounding his prospect status and his spring training play, it would be easy for Atlanta Brave phenom OF Jason Heyward to get overly confident and carried away.

By all accounts, Heyward has remained humble and unassuming and has not taken his opportunity to make the big league club for granted. 

But with March Madness and NCAA bracket pools around the corner, Heyward may be showing his cockier more confident side!

“I am the King of March Madness”, Heyward was rumoured to be shouting up and down the clubhouse. “Chipper may know the strike zone but I know my brackets.”

Heyward has apparently won every March Madness pool he has ever entered, including 1992 when, at the age of three, he called the 6th seed Michigan as a finalist.

He called both 8th seeds Wisconsin and North Carolina for the Final Four in 2000 and in 2008 he broke with his underdog strategy to pick an all number one seed Final Four.

“I love March Madness”, said Heyward, ” I just love it”. 

Heyward’s pick this year : East Tennessee State.



The Washington Nationals have confirmed that prospect Stephen Strasburg will start the 2010 season in the minors.
The Washington Nationals have not confirmed that Strasburg is better than the balance of their entire pitching depth chart: 

1 John Lannan (L)
2 Jason Marquis (R)
3 Scott Olsen (L)
4 Ross Detwiler (L)
5 Craig Stammen (R)
5 Livan Hernandez (R)
6 Chien-Ming Wang (R)
7 J.D. Martin (R)
8 Garrett Mock (R)
9 Matt Chico (L)

The Nationals have also not confirmed that this was a strategic move to delay free agency.

Bobby Scales is the new Jimmy Morris

Bobby Scales.jpg

I just read the new MLBlog by minor league vet Bobby Scales (2B-CUB).

I am totally pulling for this guy !! 

He has certainly paid his dues and I hope he gets his shot this year. The Cubs could use the spark.

I also love that he ditched the Orioles after they traded for him in 2006 !!!  Nobody really likes the Orioles do they.

His buddy and Michigan teammate Mike Cervanek (pictured left) made his major league debut last year at age 31 with the Phillies.

Yu Darvish named WBC Top Prospect !

Yu Darvish.jpgBaseball America has ranked the Top 10 WBC prospects; the top international players currently not affiliated with MLB teams.

Much-hyped Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish is ranked first.

Darvish has been dominant in each of the past three seasons and, at 22 years-old, he could be available to MLB suitors when he is just entering his prime.

  • 2006: 12-5, 2.99
  • 2007: 15-5, 1.82
  • 2008: 16-4, 1.88

Players in the top 5 are as follows:

1. Yu Darvish, rhp, Japan
2. Aroldis Chapman, lhp, Cuba
3. Hisahi Iwakuma, rhp, Japan
4. Masahiro Tanaka, rhp, Japan
5. Hyun-Jin Ryu, lhp, Korea