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Tommy Hanson is Coming !!

The Tommy Hanson (SP-ATL) expereince is coming!!  Get ready!! 

Tommy Hanson.jpgOn Minor League Opening Day, Hanson struck out 10 batters in only 4.1 innngs.

For those that can’t do the math – that means 10 of the 13 outs were strikeouts.

He only left early because he was tired of striking people out !!


Jordan Schafer is a Monster

Jordan Schafer.jpgJordan Schafer (OF-ATL) became just the 99th player in MLB history to homer in his first major league at-bat.  He then singled in his second major league at-bat and was intentionally walked in his third. What a night for the young rookie !

Andrew McCutchen, Matt LaPorta and Fernando Martinez have all just asked themselves what’s really so bad about HGH.

The 2009 Jesus Watch

Jesus Colome.jpgA record number of Jesus’ are expected to play in the major leagues during the 2009 season !!

While popular in a historical context, the name Jesus is only recently catching on in baseball circles. The current Jesus name record was actually just set in 2008 when three different players named Jesus all played in major league games.

If all goes as planned in 2009, the Jesus record could be shattered by the All-Star break.

Jesus montero.jpgTo date, Jesus Flores (C-WAS) is the lone Jesus to break camp with his major league club and he is expected to be in the Opening Day lineup. Jesus Colome (RP-WAS) has earned a bullpen spot with the Nationals but some Bowden bungling means he won’t play for the Nats until May 15, 2009.  Jesus Delgado (RP-SEA) and Jesus Castillo (RP-LAD) impressed during spring training and provide suitable bullpen depth should their teams require. Jesus Montero (C-NYY) and Jesus Martinez (OF-NYM) are top prospects who could also get a mid-season peek.  Jesus Arredondo (2B-MEX) is an aging star for Peubla in the Mexican league and could get a mid-season call from a desperate big league club.

David DeJesus (OF – KC), who has a younger brother named Jesus, commented, “This is a great time for baseball and a great time for Jesuses”. 

The Jesus watch will continue throughout the season.


Ricky Romero is Ready to Rock !

ricky romero.jpgRicky Romero allowed only a single run today in 5 innings against the Marlins and appears ready to shine in the Blue Jays’ rotation. When asked about his goals for the 2009 season, he stated sternly that he wants to strikeout Troy Tulowitzki at least a half a dozen times.

Romero said he is “tired” of hearing about the Blue Jay’s past drafting “mistakes” and, notwitstanding Troy’s early success with the Rockies, Romero maintains that he is a “way better” pitcher than Tulo !!!

Unfortunaelty for Romero, the Blue Jays do not play the Rockies again until 2011. But it goes without saying that we will use this time to focus and prepare for the showdown with his Rockie rival.

When asked about Alex Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman and Jeff Clement, Romero shrugged and said, “I don’t talk about guys drafted before me – but, if you want to compare successes, let’s see Bruce, Maybin, Ellsbury or Rasmus throw a power curve”.