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I am Angry and I Love Baseball

I am one angry fan !

I love the game. It’s the greatest game on earth. I eat, sleep, live and breath it.

But it’s making me nutso !!

So Bobby Abreu is a Yankee. Wow.  How do you like that Philadelphia? How do you like that Blue Jay fans?  Who’s in your rear-view now Bostonians ??? I understand that the Yanks didn’t even have to pick up his option for 2008 and the Phils are paying him to waive the no-trade clause.  I don’t want to talk about it.

So are the Astros intentionally messing up every Clemens start ??  Rocket Roger pitches 7 innings with no earned runs and 9 K’s and the bullpen blows it again??  Clemens has to wonder why he even bothered.  He is now 2-4 with a sparkling 2.09 ERA.

Tomorrow should bring lots of excitement as we hit the July trade deadline. The trades at this deadline are usually much more exciting than the trades that continue past the deadline in August and even in September.  I am especially anxious for October 1st, which is the Mike Stanton trade deadline !!