Alex Rodriguez Considers Negotiating Strategy !

Alex_rodriguez_1Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras met on Monday to discuss the Yankee slugger’s negotiating strategy and a possible decision to opt out of the remaining three years – and $72 million – on his current contract.

They have up to 10 days after the World Series to make this decision.

It is believed that Rodriguez wants a new deal worth $300 million and a different area code than Derek Jeter.  Boras is insisting that a golden cape embroidered with the slogan "I am an Agent-God" be part of any deal involving Rodriguez.

Despite his personal achievements, Alex Rodriguez has been criticized for his negative impact on team play and performance.  He is hoping that a new and bigger contract will help change this perception.

Alex took the Yankee’s defeat to the Indians particularly hard. It was reported on the FAN 590 in Toronto, that after the final game of the ALDS he drove home alone in his 2008 Ferrari to his hilltop mansion made of gold and wept uncontrollably into tissues made of money.

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