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Jorge Sosa is Late, Hurt and Confused !!

Jorge Sosa 2.jpgJorge Sosa (RP – WAS) arrived in Jupiter, Florida on Sunday ready to showcase his stuff to his new teammates and the Nationals’ coaching staff.

He was suprised to find that the lights were turned off at the training complex and all the clubhouse doors were locked.

Sosa had been stranded in the Dominican Republic for four months becuase of visa problems, but didn’t expect that his team would just abandon him. ” I signed with the Nationals because they were supposed to be a good bunch of guys. I had my choice of teams”, Sosa complained, “If they really think they are better off without me I am suprised. Friends just don’t leave friends behind”.

It appears that in exchage for some of his bonus, a certain ex-Nationals executive had convinced Sosa that the team would wait for him “no matter what”.

With regret Sosa commented, “If I knew that it would come to this I would have finalized my visa months ago. I admit I was stalling a bit. There is nothing like the winter tourist season in the D-R.”

Since Jesus Colome cannot play until May 15, The Nationals are expected to ask him to go back to Florida to get Sosa organized.