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Ben Sheets Can’t Wait to Get Injured !!

Ben Sheets.jpgAfter missing the entire 2009 season, ex-Brewer Ben Sheets was anxious to return to the game in 2010 with the Oakland A’s. 

After a couple of workouts however Sheets admits that he enjoyed his extended leave and that baseball is way more tiring than it looks.

“I forgot about all that walking back and forth between the mound and the dugout”, said Sheets. “And I definitely didn’t miss bending over to pick up the ball”.

After only a couple of weeks back on the job, Sheets is already looking forward to his inevitable trip to the DL.

“Last year I was unsigned and had to sit around for free”, Sheets reflected.

“This year when I sit around –  I am going to get paid !!”

To prepare Sheets for the season, Oakland has him rooming with Justin Duchsherer and Joey Devine.