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Jose Canseco is the Anabolic Nostradamus

MannyRamirez2.jpgJose Canseco is in the news again after conjuring his psychic juices and proclaiming to the LA Times that Manny Ramirez is likely on the list of the 104 major leaguers who tested positive in 2003.

As much as everyone dumps on Canseco, his claims have been deadly accurate. McGwire, Palmeiro, Tejada, Giambi, and to everyone’s surprise – Alex Rodriguez.

Canseco believes that prolonged steroid use has contributed to his magical soothsaying ability and is planning a third tell-all book identifying which players will turn to steroids in the future. He also claims to have called the Devil Rays’ 2008 World Series appearance and seriously considered requests to inject John Thain in his renovated washroom prior to the collapse of Merril Lynch.  

Manny Ramirez refused to comment on the reports and claimed that he didn’t even know who Jose Canseco was.